Is planning permission required for demolition?


According to the NSW planning and Environmental Assessment Act, demolition is considered a development process. That’s why approval is required before you can start your work.

Types of Demolition License

There are two types of demolition license. They are –

Demolition license

This type of license is required for the structures that:

  • Is a chemical installation
  • Are overs 15 meters in height
  • Involves a tower crane or mobile crane with more than a hundred tones capacity
  • Contains pre-tensioned or post-tensioned structural components
  • Involves explosive or floor propping

Restricted Demolition license

It is required for the properties like –

  • Structure in between 4 to 15 meters in height that require mechanical demolition such as using cranes, excavators, etc.
  • Structures between 10 to 15 meters in height that affects its structural firmness
  • Places that involve the use of load shifting machinery on suspended floors

Demolition in Heritage Overlay

If the demolition property is under or connected with Heritage Overlay, you will need to apply for permission. And there is a high chance, you may not be able to complete the demolishing work if your property falls under this category.

However, the followings are the exceptions –

  • Internal walls or other elements of a property in heritage or draft heritage conversion area.
  • Your property is a detached development that is constructed following the housing code or rural housing code.
  • A conversion part of your house that is constructed following the Housing Alterations Code

Some things to consider

Before starting your demolition work you have to make sure the following things.

  • The process doesn’t override private covenants or instruments
  • All works must be done following the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Be sure that you have permission to remove existing trees or vegetation if needed
  • If your structure is located on public land or road, you must obtain separate approval from the relevant authority

Ways to apply for the permission

There are two ways to apply for full planning permission. They are –

Development Approval (DA): in this way, you have to apply to your local council directly.

Complying Development Certificate (CDC): the first step of applying this way is to contact a demolition company. Then the third-party certifier sends your application to the council.

Generally, the CDC process takes almost a month in total to complete. You can utilize this period you to notify your neighbors about the demolition work by sending them letters. And note that, it’s mandatory to send the letters at least one week before the work begins.

Final words

Well, now you know, is planning permission required for demolition or not. So, take the necessary steps to plan your demolition work and implement them carefully. Call us or contract us for more info.

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